Flat 36, Normanhurst
Grove Hill
East Sussex

telephone: Available on request.
e-mail: cv@jamie-thompson.co.uk

Jamie Thompson


Highly technical programmer seeking to leverage a multitude of skills to improve the quality of software though leveraging the provision of effective tools, processes and technology.


  • 13 years of commercial C# SaaS development, 7 years hobby and 3 years university C++ experience, 16 years hobby programming in general. Additionally, knowledge of many scripting languages and exposure to working with large 3rd party libraries such as STLPort and Qt.
  • Experience with multiple development environments including:
    • Microsoft Visual Studio v5.0 to 2017
    • UNIX-based development with gcc/glib/Qt
  • Team development experience using version control software such as CVS, Subversion, Git and Perforce, and continuous integration with CruiseControl.net, unit testing and exposure to agile development practices.
  • Experience working with and designing large object-orientated code bases. Experience with design patterns/antipatterns.
  • Extensive experience with technologies such as HTTP, XML, XHTML, CSS, XSLT, XPath, JavaScript, ASP.net, jQuery, MVC and others.
  • Experience working with Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 2008 & 2012, Postgres, as well as other RDBMSes such as MySQL.
  • 4 years experience working with localisation processes, as well as technical aspects such as Unicode encodings.
  • Server administration experience with numerous services including but not limited to: Linux, Windows Server NT4-2012, IP, IIS 5-8, OpenLDAP, Postfix, DHCP, DNS, SSH, Apache, MySQL, VMware.

Work experience

01/11/2016Madgex Ltd., Brighton, East Sussex

Senior Developer

  • A sideways move into the main development team to better leverage my extensive knowledge of the product's architecture and my vast array of technical skills.
01/08/2014 to 31/10/2016Madgex Ltd., Brighton, East Sussex

Senior Application Support Developer

  • Promoted within existing role.
06/03/2012 to 31/07/2014Madgex Ltd., Brighton, East Sussex

Application Support Developer

  • I provide the technical resource to maintain our client's job boards. Working with my team I ensure issues that clients may have are resolved to their satisfaction as quickly as possible. To achieve this with swift and correct resolution I have developed a deep understanding of our products that has resulted in me becoming the primary point of reference for my team, mentoring them not only on the technical aspects of the product but advanced usage of the tools we use (.e. Subversion) as well.
  • Another fundamental aspect of the role is the day-to-day management of the deployment process that drives our delivery of Software as a Service (SaaS). I had a significant part in driving the development of the processes used to manage the rollout process, and have taken on responsibility for maintaining our internal software used for this as needed.
01/06/2011 to 02/2012Vibe 107.6 FM, Watford, Hertfordshire

IT Manager

  • A volunteer position in Watford's new community radio project. I helped to install the infrastructure (cabling, etc.) and set up the IT infrastructure for the organisation to meet the requirements set down by the board. I also collaborated with the technical director to develop custom components of the software infrastructure which I then had responsibility for maintaining and developing as requirements evolved.
28/07/2009 to 31/01/2011SCEE, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire


  • Promoted within existing role.
12/06/2006 to 28/07/2009SCEE, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Junior Programmer

  • Working within the tools group, it is my responsibility to both assist my co-workers with the software needed to perform their jobs as well as developing software as required. To fulfil these responsibilities I use my abilities to adapt to and use many differing technologies as required.
  • During this time I have mainly been working on projects to assist with the game localisation process, where I have had to fulfil a number of roles as the team was quite small.
28/10/2005 to 28/10/2006Google Inc., Mountain View, USA

Quality Rater - UK

  • My role consists of ranking and evaluating web pages in the context of given queries, and ranking them according to criteria set forth by Google. In order to perform the role I use my excellent researching skills along with the ability to analyse unfamiliar topics quickly and accurately.
26/09/2005 to 09/06/2006CEX Ltd., Watford, Hertfordshire

Returns Assistant

  • I was responsible for processing returned stock and repairing or dispatching to external repair facilities said stock. These items included (but not limited to) games consoles, mobile phones, PC components and other electronic goods such as laptops and digital cameras, etc. I also assisted with movement of stock through the warehouse.


2001 - 2004 - The University of Lincoln, East Yorkshire
1993 - 2000 - Bushey Meads GMS, Hertfordshire

Awards Recieved


BSc. (Hons) Games Computing (Software Development)

1st Class Honours


IT (Advanced)



Systems and control


English Literature


Science (double award)


English Language


Office Studies








Interests and activities

  • Software development (with particular interests in cross-platform C++, large scale systems design in C# and the opportunities made possible in C# software vs. C++ through the leverage of reflection)
  • General computing (i.e. hardware, system design, industry trends, etc.)
  • Electronics and embedded-like systems
  • Gaming
  • Current affairs (particually in the area of intellectual property)
  • Japanese culture


Available on request.