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- A short(ish) piece describing why I think you will want me working for you


If you're reading this you're either being curious or you're interested in employing me. To be frank, in this section I'm only really interested in the latter, and if that means you, I think you're close to making a good decision.

If all you desire is a synopsis of my skills, then my CV is provided below in several formats for your convience. What follows is more a personal statement of why I believe I would be an asset to your organisation.

My C.V.

My C.V is availible in the following flavours:

Why I should be working for you

I'm a multi-skilled fellow, with strong problem-solving skills, a realistic work ethic (i.e. I work hard, but know how *not* to burn out), and a very strong aptitude for technology, especially in I.T.

My primary trade however is software development, which thanks to my other attributes I feel am very skilled at. I have been programming in some form or another since a very young age, and have wanted to specialise in the games sector for almost as long.

Aside from my university education, my programming skills are entirely self-taught, which again I hope demonstrates my work ethic and ability to learn well. My greatest level of programming expertise is probably with the C++ programming language, which I began experimenting with in 1997, though I only became competent after a couple of years due to the lack of resources availible to me at the time. My commerical experience however is primarily in C#, so between those two I feel I have a lot of ground covered.

I began my programming career on the microcomputers of the late 1980's such as the Commodore 64 and the BBC Micro, and as such I gained a in-depth understanding of the underlying hardware principles on which my software executes; this allows me to write code that is more efficient and robust. This knowledge has also aided me in the fundamental skill of debugging, as armed with knowledge of assembly language principles and internal CPU architecture it makes me very efficient at correcting and optimising code.

In recent years my skills have reached the level where I have mastered the fundamental programming concepts and as such can adapt to almost any development language with only a moderate amount of difficulty, (examples being university assignments featuring Haskell, Prolog, and experiments with other obscure languages). Due to this I have been able to focus more on the higher-level design concepts that are availible for solving problems, and this has enhanced my skill set dramatically.

The other important side of the equation

No doubt your company will already have existing development teams, and if you employ me you will find that by all accounts I'm a great person to work with as I am:

  • Dependable
  • Hard-working
  • Skilled
  • Friendly

During the course of my university degree a strong emphasis was placed on working in teams; the experience from these has shown me that I am able to assume varying roles as required; from student to team leader and from designer to quality assurance. On multiple occasions I was awarded extremely high marks for the attitude I expressed during these projects as I took it upon myself to ensure several goals:

  • That I did not disregard any of my personnel due to apparent lack of ability - I worked with them to develop their skills and found productive uses for the skills they posessed
  • I took great care to ensure that I did not dominate groups, opting to ensure that everybody had equal input
  • I took it upon myself to educate those members of my group who were struggling
  • ...and possibly most importantly, I ensured that above all else the deliverables were ready on time, and to sufficient quality.

In my commerical endeavours I found myself working primarily in a small team where I had to fill multiple roles, but a small team is still a team, and I worked well at coordinating my efforts both with my colleagues and the larger teams which we occasionally worked with.